Skins with fat problem and acne breakouts

Acne is not just a problem for teenagers, there are adults who also suffer from acne. Acne is characterized by inflammation and infection that is caused by excess fat, caused by hormonal problems.

Many people use different products for acne at the same time this is not recommended, usually acne products have ingredients that are aggressive to the skin, and it is more what irritate the skin than what helps to fight acne.

for this reason you have to use a product with caution and if you see that they do not work or irritate you let your skin rest for a week if you want to try another product.  

It is very important not to bite your face with your nails, this is what causes the hated acne scars that are left for the rest of your life. The treatments that are offered with laser to improve the scars only is so that they are not noticed as much, but they are not removed completely


  • Wash your face twice a day using an antibacterial soap.
  • Do not use any kind of spoliation to avoid causing irritation.
  • Apply an anti-acne cream this helps the pore will have and get out the trapped fat.
  • If you use makeup to cover acne, do not use sponges, or use them as disposable to avoid contaminated areas that are not infected.

It is recommended to visit from time to time an aesthetic clinic for a deep facial, for a better extraction of the black spots, in these places they use electrodes that by means of current kills the bacteria, and also the ultrasound to disinflame and calm the irritated skin, They can also recommend which is the best product you can use depending on how sensitive your skin is.


It is very important to use the correct cream in this way you have the control of the fat, people who do not have the correct care for oily skin over time have very open pores, it is difficult for the skin to look smooth.

The pores are overfilled with fat and this causes small gaps that it seems that the pore is open, but they are already scars in the form of small dimples.

To avoid this it is recommended to visit a beauty clinic for a deep facial once a month, and at home to make your own facial once a week, to have the fat controlled.They can also recommend the right products for your skin, using very aggressive products can irritate the skin and over time you can suffer from the sensitive skin with small capillaries and develop rosacea which is a disease that the face looks all the time pink and the nose looks like a strawberry with the pore too open.

That is why it is very important to take the necessary measures to have a smooth and healthy skin at any age.

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