Learn the Anti-aging techniques of mature skin

After age 30, it is normal for the skin to begin to show signs of aging such as fine lines of expression and slight loss of moisture, firmness and elasticity.

Although we would like, a formula for eternal youth does not exist. The aging of our body and skin is inevitable because the passage of time is a factor that we can not avoid or control. However, to reduce its impact there are currently many alternatives.

Changes in Mature Skin

The main change that our skin suffers as we age is the dryness or loss of moisture. This happens because the sebaceous glands in our skin decrease the production of sebum or fat. Without natural fat or its natural oils, the skin loses its protective barrier that retains moisture. Therefore, with exposure to the outdoors, sun, intense winds, heating, air conditioning or changes of strong climates, our unprotected skin becomes dehydrated.

The impact of moisture loss on the skin depends on the skin type of the person during their youth. If you had an oily skin fortunately, this effect takes longer to appear on your skin. On the contrary, if you had a dry or sensitive skin, it is normal that even before your 30’s these normal drawbacks of the age of the skin and its aging process.

In the third age, the changes in our skin continue. In this stage of life, health becomes a primordial factor over beauty. If you have protected your skin during youth and mature age, you will not be at risk of developing a malignant skin disease such as cancer.

More than having an anti-aging or facial rejuvenation technique, the ideal is to keep the skin healthy. For that reason, it is important to verify that our skin and that of our relatives remains protected and free of risks or symptoms of cancer.

Anti-aging care

From the age of 20, it is ideal to perform a basic skin care routine that includes three steps: clean, tone and moisturizes. After age 30 you will need some additional steps for facial anti-aging and to further protect your skin from free radicals. This will prevent its rapid loss of moisture, collagen and elasticity.

It is essential to take care of the skin of your skin and hands as it is the most exposed to the outside. The skin in the area of your eyes and around your mouth is thinner, delicate and practically does not contain sebaceous glands. Therefore, these areas have priority.

Changes to the Basic Care Routine

The main changes in the routine of basic care are:

  1. Use of moisturizers with advanced formulas and rich in antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, and vitamins. These ingredients are vital for facial and all skin rejuvenation.
  2. Use of special moisturizers for the rejuvenation of the contour of your eyes. These are ideal because they help you to reduce dark circles, soften the delicate skin around your eyes, reduce fine lines and prevent wrinkles.
  3. Complement with exfoliants that help accelerate the process of regeneration and renewal of your skin. Exfoliants help remove dead skin cells leaving it softer and more radiant.
  4. Definitely, the use of a minimum sunscreen FPS-50 is paramount. You must apply it to all the skin of your body daily, especially on the skin, hands, and arms.

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