How do i take care of my skin even at an Old Age?

Undoubtedly, the appearance of your skin reflects your state of health. For this reason, you must take care not only your skin but your body taking into account factors such as exercise, nutrition, and tobacco. Skincare in old age is paramount.Your routine skin care of your skin and body requires some changes when you reach the third age.

Cleaning and Hydration

For cleaning your skin I suggest using soap-free cleansers with botanical and natural ingredients. This way you protect the natural barrier that preserves the moisture of your skin.Mature skin tends to be dry. It is necessary to moisturize your skin both in the morning and at night with special moisturizers for skin with dryness.

You must moisturize all the skin of your body, especially that of your legs. Take the opportunity to massage your feet and legs while applying your cream, in this way you relieve fatigue.

Take care of your hair and scalp with products that hydrate it, avoid falling and protect it as much as possible from the sun and heat.Use heating moderately. It is normal to feel colder in old age, but remember that heating steals moisture from your skin.

Protection from Sun

It is essential that before going outdoors, use a sunscreen of minimum FPS50 throughout the skin of your body, especially the areas of greater exposure to the sun as shoulders, forearms, neck, skin, hands and chest. Remember that skin in old age becomes thinner, thinner, delicate and fragile. The sun is your worst enemy. Apply your sunscreen several times a day, at least twice.

If you have baldness, you should also protect those areas of skin with sunscreen. When you are enjoying nature, always use hats that protect your skin, head, neck and shoulders.

Regular Exercise

Do any physical activity you want. In this way, blood circulation improves. Manage the intensity according to your physical condition always with the advice of a sports doctor.Take the opportunity to go for a walk with your partner or pet, this contributes to your health while you enjoy the scenery. It also helps you relax and reduce stress. Perform deep breathing exercises so that you allow more oxygen and nutrients to reach the cells of your body. Accompany them with active pauses of stretching.

I hope that these skin care in old age and old will allow you to fully enjoy your life at this stage!

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